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About us

Kallur illam

This is a 300 years old property. An illam also known as Brahmaalayam, built according to the canons of Vastusastra (the science and art of architecture in which structures are built in harmony with the eternally active, creative and all pervasive 'Spirit' and 'Nature'). The house is classified as a heritage property and we have tried to maintain its history and architecture as far as possible.

This is one of the hardest to do justice to in words. Hard because the house is more than just it’s rooms or its spaces. It’s an experience we offer.

Yoga and kalari training will be provided for customers Staying for minimum one week and also massaging with additional charges

Broadly, it’s a Kerala experience that offers you the taste of local flavour, but it also offers a unique and a rare space that takes one back in time to the Feudal Kerala of over 300 years ago. The house is made of solid wood, mainly Teak and stone. With some wooden pillars so large that you might not be able to get your hands around. It resembles in some senses the "Spartan" life style of the old. It has narrow stairways and small door thresholds, large bulky doors, grand large kitchen; the unique windows are just some of the things that will catch ones eye.

One of the property's key features is its large sized traditionally constructed natural feed stone pool, a perfect place to relax and gather with family and friends or a swim or even a meal. A masterpiece of architecture from a time forgotten, it’s made from a type of porous stone.

Another proud feature in the house are its two open-to-the-sky, in-house verandas (ettukettu) providing stunning experiences in monsoon, the verandas keep the house nice and cool in summer. Its ledges have been used by many a residents for the lazy afternoon siesta. The rooms are modest, spacious and clean. Each is unique in its decor and size, but keeps in line with the house and its history.

If you like unique/rare architecture, if you love being lost in a big house to find a cosy spot to read a book.

To sit at dusk/dawn, have a cup of tea at the symmetrical steps of the pool and watching the kingfisher gather its evening meal.

To hear and see the beautiful monsoon rain flow thrown the open indoor veranda. It’s almost like having your own private sky, we highly encourage getting into the rain.

To walk around surrounded by nature, explore. Perfect for family reunions where time can stand still so you can have more time with the ones you love.

For sumptuous, wholesome Kerala food (separate kitchen for veg and non-veg cooking).Traditional Barbecue area.

Guest access

The guests will have access to most parts of the property. In areas such as the kitchen, temple, outdoor deity altar, the animals and the barn, we would request guests to consult and let the residents host to assist. You will have access only to the rooms you have booked as some rooms would have been prepared for other guests if the entire place has not been booked.

Interaction with guests

We do realise that the appeal of our place is the tranquillity so we will give guests their space but if you are keen, please feel free to come have a chat and a cup or even a glass, of some lovely Kerala tea. We are always there for your assistance.

Other things to note:

Be conscious of local sensibilities and beliefs. Feel free to ask the resident host if you have any questions. The area is mainly made up conservative people whose beliefs are to be respected.

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Send us a message with your desired arrival date and number of nights you'd like to reserve, and we'll contact you in no time.

Kallur illam